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Employee Perks

Could an Employee Benefits Scheme work well in your organisation?

Just 8% of the UK workforce is engaged at work — that’s just 8% of employees who are working at their full potential. Re-engaging your people can be done by helping them to live better, in life and at work.

Benefits Cloud is a great way to attract, reward, motivate your people and drive loyalty and retention. This platform works for employees, members and volunteers, and gives them the opportunity to make pay cheques go further with hundreds of discounts and special offers.

Staff benefits are a fundamental component of employee wellbeing, significantly contributing to your team’s level of engagement and consequently, performance.

Why Benefits Cloud?

Our mission is simple. By sharing a range of exclusive and special discounts, deals and offers, the platform helps our customers to reward and motivate their teams, enabling them to save money in the process.

Staff Savings

  • PAYE contributions unaffected (and no P11d reportable benefit in kind)
  • Inexpensive to provide
  • One-off treats like getaways and day-to-day essentials such as food shopping
  • Range of high street, special and exclusive offers
  • Seasonal perks

Employee benefits offer a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace. Being able to offer staff incentives to new and potential employees gives you the upper hand when recruiting, meaning you’re able to attract high level talent.

Who is Benefits Cloud for?

From small to medium companies, charities, clubs, associations and not-for-profits, this portal is flexible for all.
See how else the member benefits appeal:

Additional functionality of newsfeed

Employees can stay connected by accessing your news from anywhere at any time – even when they don’t have a work email address

Pinboard and hosting of local offers to your advantage

Consolidate the hosting of your existing benefits, such as childcare vouchers, pension scheme or healthcare provision, into one place creating a one stop, easy to access, benefits platform for your employees

Customise the dashboard to be in sync with your branding

With in-house admin control, customising the branding of your platform can really make it feel bespoke to you

Tailored to individual user preference

Your employees can select what offers appear, so the platform remains relevant to them, driving ongoing engagement

The Technicalities… Or Lack Of!

No long-term contractual tie-ins

We are confident your employees will value Benefits Cloud so much that we don’t tie you into any long-term deal, simply a rolling month on month contract

Easy to administer and set up

Within less than 30 minutes you can be up and running on Benefits Cloud

Locally managed for full control

Simply choose your Super User and they control your Platform allowing you to maintain full control of content and user access.

No additional systems required

As long as your employees can access the internet at home or at work, they can access Benefits Cloud

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