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Leadership, Development

& Coaching

“The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement”

An organisation, business or team is really nothing more than a collection of people all working together towards a common objective.  

The common thread to a successfully high performing team is leadership; whether that’s leading our self, leading a team or leading the organisation. 

Having the right skills, mindsets and attributes is critical for your business to be its best.  

If you’d like to explore how development and coaching interventions, including executive coaching can supercharge your business performance, then get in touch. 

What People Want To Know

What is leadership?

Leadership covers 3 key elements; leading self, leading others and getting the job done. The notion of purpose is closely linked to ensure teams understand not only what has to be done, but also why and for what end.

Is leadership different to management training?

Unfortunately, not all managers are leaders. Some managers have poor leadership qualities, and employees follow instructions from their managers because they are obligated to do so—not necessarily because they are influenced or inspired by the leader. Management can be more focused on task, process and control.

What is coaching?

Coaching is essentially a non-directive form of development that focuses on improving performance and developing the individual. Coaching can have both organisation and individual goals and provides people with the opportunity to better assess their strengths as well as their development areas.

Is coaching the same as mentoring?

No. Mentoring tends to describe a relationship in which a more experienced colleague shares their greater knowledge to support the development of an inexperienced member of staff.

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