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HR Systems Implementation

Your Trusted Implementation Partner

Changing a HR or Payroll System can be a worrying but necessary task. No employee will thank you for paying them properly, however, the consequence of not doing so can have far reaching consequences.

HR/Payroll Systems sit at the heart of the relationship between an employer and employee. Get it wrong and you risk damaging that essential blend of trust and confidence.

We have a wealth of experience in partnering both public sector and well known high street brands. From sourcing the right solution, through to configuration, design and implementation, we have years of experience in a broad range of systems such as SAP, SuccessFactors, Agresso, SAGE and Cascade to name a few.

Changing a Payroll System may allow you the opportunity to review how you pay your employees and offer the opportunity to consolidate your additional payments into their salaries.

Whilst some may see a HR / Payroll System as simply calculating and paying salaries, it is so much more as there are always a range of polices and processes that determine what employees are entitled to and how this information is received and processed.

Reviewing how information is passed to your payroll teams and how they process this data is the second area you can focus on.

With our experience in helping both business owners and payroll teams, we can help you and your team take a step back and generate a detailed and pragmatic review on how they collect, pass and manage all elements of pay information.

Whatever you choose to do we can play a critical value-added role as your trusted partner, bridging the knowledge between your payroll and system provider teams.

How We Deliver Systems Change

Accelerate your Business Benefits (ABB)

In any change programme, existing and future teams play a key role in delivering business benefits, whether it’s:

  • Using existing teams to undertake ‘As Is’ analysis or
  • Building future teams to help build and design ‘To Be’ or to help equip to deliver and difficult messages

Building resilience into your approach will ensure that individuals and teams are not only equipped to manage the change, the new system quickly delivers expected business benefits and also sustains ongoing development.

Our ABB programme helps employees, managers and teams to mentally equip themselves for the change and develop any coping mechanisms they and the organisation may need to have in place to sustain their wellbeing.

What People Want To Know

Is HR Systems Implementation just about the technology?

In any change programme, including a system implementation, people play a key role – not only in ensuring the system is implemented well, but also used effectively to drive the anticipated business benefits.

Doesn’t HR Systems Implementation just involve the HR and Payroll Teams?

Not at all. Every employee is affected by a new HR / Payroll system and it is critical to get it right. There are a range of processes to consider which may include timesheets, sickness, expenses and pay slips.

What types of HR system exist?

There are a huge range of systems covering all aspects of HR and payroll. Some are stand-alone, others integrated as part of an ERP system and some linked together through an API feed. Specialist systems can sometime be required for E-recruitment, Expenses, Case management, Reward & recognition or Pensions Auto Enrolment. Some systems automate the data gathering and approval processes through Manager or Employee Self-Service.

How do you implement an HR system?

Start with a full set of requirements from the business, setting out what the system needs to do. Next, translate this into a functional design document to set out how you are going to build the system to satisfy the requirements. These two stages can be iterative as more detail emerges. Once completed, it’s down to effective planning, ensuring all tasks are accounted for and timescales and owners are assigned. Build and fully test and then deploy (known as cut-over). On top of all of this activity is clear open communication with all stakeholders.

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