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HR Projects

We have many years’ experience delivering HR projects, on time and to budget across a broad range of industries and sectors.

Whether you need our specialist HR capabilities or additional HR capacity to supplement your existing team, we share our expertise to deliver your vision.

You can trust in our extensive experience and expertise, but don’t just take our word for it, here are some of the success projects we’ve delivered for our clients.

Scroll down to see some of our HR Projects!

Our HR Projects

Some of the typical things we work on for our clients:


The technical requirements of a merger, sale of business by sale of assets or contracting out of services can be challenging, with TUPE often likely to apply, so getting this right is critically important. But don’t forget you’re dealing with people and emotions will be running high. Winning the hearts and minds of those affected can be critical to success >>

HR Policies & Procedures

Set out clear expectations in your HR Policies and Procedures, not only to ensure you are compliant with employment law but also to ensure a fair a consistent approach is adopted both now and in the future  >>

HR Strategy

Develop your people strategy to ensure your team are all pulling in the same direction and focused on achieving your business goals. Underpinned with an action plan to create a joined-up HR framework that can scale as you grow >>

HR Systems Implementation

HRIand Payroll implementation can be tricky, so getting it right first time is paramount. Transition smoothly into a more strategic approach to HR with us by your side >>

Leadership, Development & Coaching

Having a clear vision and plan in place to outline what you want to do is only half the challenge. How you and team are going to approach this is equally as important. Develop the right skills and mindsets to enable your perform to perform at their best >>


Develop a proactive, structured and robust approach to hiring the best people. This will ensure that when you need to fill a vacancy, you will have everything you need in place >>


The technical requirements of a redundancy process can be challenging, so getting these right is critically important. But don’t forget you’re dealing with people and emotions will be running high. This all requires careful planning, execution and management >>


Restructuring is often unavoidable but unless people understand not only what is happening but also and more importantly, why, it’s likely that your changes will be met with resistance With our experts by your side, we can do this with you, minimising disruption to your organisation >>

Rewards & Benefits

Develop a cost-effective and scalable approach to reward and benefits that will enhance and promote your organisation’s culture >>

Talent Management

How will you attract, develop and retain the people who will make a difference to your organisation and ensure that not only your current, but also future needs are met? Develop a comprehensive talent management strategy or focus on a particular element such as resource planning or performance management >>

People Management

We evaluate and enhance your organisation’s people management strategies.

We offer management training on leadership, performance reviews, conflict resolution and more. Effective management is key to empowering your workforce.>>

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We help assess your business’s equality, diversity and inclusion practices. Our EDI services identify areas for improvement and provide impactful training and consulting. Building an inclusive culture unlocks innovation and competitiveness.>>

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