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Pensions Auto Enrolment

Do I Need Support with Pension Auto Enrolment?

While the principle of Pension Auto Enrolment is simple, delivering an ongoing assessment of every employee can be a complex and time-consuming undertaking.

If not managed correctly, additional resources might be needed which adds significant costs for a business. Over the years, there has been a sharp increase in fines from The Pensions Regulator which we talk about in our blog.

With our expert advice by your side, we will ensure a successful transition and a cost-effective outcome.

Our Standard Pension Auto Enrolment Solution has been designed specifically to meet the needs of SMEs and Micro Businesses.

It’s tailored to meet the specific requirements of your organisation and delivers a comprehensive, cost-effective solution that focuses on quality.

Unlike the majority of providers, who only offer either a basic assessment or access to a limited workplace pension scheme, we provide a whole range of added value services that will support your business and your employees.

Bite-Size Learning on Auto Enrolment Implementation:

All You Need to Know About Complying with Employer Duties:

What People Want To Know

What are my pension auto enrolment obligations as an employer?

Auto enrolment is a legal duty with non-compliance resulting in a fine. As an employer you will need to choose a pension scheme, work out who to put into the scheme, write to your staff and declare your compliance. Visit The Pension Regulator for more. 

Can I go above the minimum pension contribution requirements?

An employer can set contribution rates higher than the statutory minimum and an employee can ask for more of their salary to be paid into their pension scheme. We would always recommend they take independent financial advice from a qualified advisor.

What is pensions auto re-enrolment?

Every three years you’ll need to put certain staff back into your pension scheme if they have left it, and if they meet the relevant criteria. You will need to write to your staff in advance of their re-enrolment date to explain more and formally submit a re-declaration of compliance to The Pension Regulator.

What is pension auto enrolment postponement?

You can postpone automatic enrolment for up to 3 months from your duties start date, a staff member’s first day of employment or the date a staff member first meets the age and earnings criteria.

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