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Our Clients

We’ve worked on a diverse range of projects and assignments for our clients over the years. Here’s a sample for you to discover more about what we do and how we do it. 

Having designed and embarked on a new strategy to take it through both business expansion and growth to 2020, CYT identified the requirement for specialist HR expertise that it did not have in-house.  Petaurum Solutions were selected to present a plan to ensure that the HR aspects of its new business plan could be achieved legally and successfully.

We provide an exclusive Penions Auto Enrolment solution for over 20,000 Henry Shein dental practice clients.



We led Complex Strategic Projects including Workforce & Succession Planning and Employee Engagement, in addition to designing and delivering learning solutions to bring these projects to life.

As part of the Pensions Auto Enrolment Legislation, A4e were required to assess and enrol their employees on a Workplace Pension Scheme. For A4e this presented a range of challenges and opportunities, which Petaurum Solutions was brought in to address.

After being established as a separate business, independent of Royal Mail Group, Post Office Ltd needed to ensure they were compliant with their automatic enrolment workplace pension duties, under the Pensions Act 2008.  Petaurum Solutions was engaged to support the implementation of their Pensions Auto Enrolment requirements.

We led the people workstream of this exciting project to build and open a brand new private hospital in Nottingham.


When Lincolnshire County Council found themselves under increasing pressure to make more and more savings, they brought in Petaurum Solutions, a leading business in HR and people solutions, to help them with the implementation of a new IT system which was being introduced as part of a large scale Transformation Project.

Leading Electrical Engineering Firm, Baldwin & Francis, identified the need for an injection of specialist HR capability to ensure it was fit, agile and well positioned to deal with the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

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