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As your business continues to grow, so do your HR needs

You may be uncertain about the next steps – whether that involves hiring a full-time HR professional with us by your side, or completely outsourcing your HR.

We understand your HR journey, which is why we created the HR Develop package. We stand ready to evaluate your unique needs and provide a bespoke HR solution that aligns with your growth trajectory.

HR Develop offers comprehensive and proactive HR support tailored to your business’ specific needs. 

Whether you need additional support for your existing HR team or require a complete full-time HR solution, we have the expertise and flexibility to seamlessly blend with your business operations, helping to keep your people strategy on track while you focus on your business’ growth.

Elements can Include:

  • People/HR Strategy 0% 0%
  • Organisational Set-up and Structures 0% 0%
  • Resource Planning 0% 0%
  • Performance Management 0% 0%
  • Rewards and Recognition 0% 0%
  • Values & Behaviours 0% 0%
  • Talent & Development 0% 0%
  • Communication & Engagement 0% 0%
  • Operational HR Solutions & Support 0% 0%
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

What if we Already have an HR Team?

Even experienced in-house teams sometimes need extra capabilities. With Petaurum as your partners, HR Develop can provide:

Help navigating complex, unfamiliar situations

Specialist support executing key projects

Scalable capacity for peak demands

We complement your existing strengths, filling capability gaps with our decades of multifaceted experience. Leaning on us for targeted assistance allows your team to play to their core strengths while we tackle specialised priorities.

Together, we ensure you have the comprehensive HR expertise and bandwidth to continue driving your people strategy forward during this growth phase. Let’s explore where you could most benefit from expanded capabilities so HR Develop can deliver maximum impact for your internal team.

Navigating HR Without an Internal Team?

Having no in-house HR can feel daunting. But with Petaurum’s guidance, you can expertly handle HR without a dedicated team. Our HR Develop service provides:

Targeted expertise in key HR functions

On-demand support for your unique needs

Proactive solutions aligned to your business goals

We become your trusted advisors, helping you navigate the complexities of HR and compliance. Leaning on our decades of experience, we offer the insight and capabilities of a full HR department without the overhead.

Let’s explore your specific requirements and how HR Develop can provide the perfect blend of strategic direction and hands-on help in running seamless HR operations. With us as your partners, you can feel empowered and in control of HR, even without an internal team.

Price on request

Our Three Step Process:

Tailored HR Strategy:

We start by understanding your business and HR needs. Then we craft a unique HR strategy that supports your business goals, tackling everything from organisational setup, resource planning, to performance management and talent development.


Flexible Support Options:

Whether you have an existing HR team that needs a hand, or you lack an in-house HR function, HR Develop offers tailored support to suit your needs. This can be on a retained or project basis, providing the extra help you need when you need it.

Focus on People and Success:

At the heart of HR Develop is a commitment to your people and their success. We help drive engagement and communication, foster a positive work culture and ensure your HR practices are set up for success. We even help with day-to-day HR solutions & support.

What People Want to Know

How does HR Develop work?

HR Develop builds on everything in the HR Maintain package and allows you to blend a unique HR solution to meet your own specific business needs. Through our initial dialogue and analysis, we will create a rolling programme of bespoke activity covering all aspects of your HR requirements that will add value to your business, ensure your team are set-up for success and all pulling in the same direction to achieve your goals

Who is HR Develop for?

HR Develop is ideal for scale-up and growing businesses, including those who may have already started to experience some of the pain points of growing. People will be at the heart of your business and you’ll want to ensure you are set-up for success

Why do I need this type of HR support package?

For many businesses, your workforce will be one of your largest investments so why not focus your effort to get the best out of your people. This doesn’t happen by accident, so creating a strategy and plan will help you achieve your aims

How much does it cost?

Once we have identified your requirements, we can create a unique package with a fair and competitive price for your HR solutions & needs.

See HR Develop in Action

The Petaurum team inspires and delivers with insight, integrity and humour. They have operated in an emerging market (welfare to work), leading on a number of high profile transformational change projects affecting thousands of staff and have delivered time and again. They have a rare ability of being able to operate at a strategic level whilst diving into the detail when they need to. Finally, they always look for what’s possible – its dreadfully corny but they really do find solutions to difficult problems. 

Andy Bowie Founder and Managing Director, 50 Degrees Ltd

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