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Excellent recruitment is vital for every organisation… finding the right people for the right roles at the right time

But it can feel like a minefield!  

Of course, recruitment agencies and headhunters can help, but unless you are clear on what you need to drive current and future success in your organisation, even this will be of limited benefit. 

Critical to successful recruitment is determining who is the right fit for you and who isn’tBefore making a hiring decision, you need to know that your chosen candidate has the: 

  • Attitude and values fit with your unique team culture 
  • The right level of motivation to succeed 

 You also need to know that they: 

  • Can perform in your working environment 
  • Have the ability to succeed in the job 

Effective recruitment is not just about filling an immediate vacancy but about understanding the broader needs of the business, what will have an impact on long-term success, using workforce planning data to understand what skills are needed for organisational performance. 

Your approach to recruitment (or resource) planning must align to your business plan and organisational objectives. To ensure each recruitment activity is successful, you will need to think about: 

  • Defining the role 
  • Attracting applicants 
  • Managing the application and selection process 
  • Making the appointment 

Remember, there will be lots more unsuccessful candidates that those you’re able to offer a role to, so ensuring all candidates have a positive experience is critical to maintaining your employer brand and reputation.  

If you’d like to explore how we can help you create the foundations to ensure you only recruit brilliant people who enhance your team, then get in touch. 

What People Want To Know

Are you a recruitment agency?

No, but we do know experts in this field who we can personally recommend!

How can you help me with recruitment?

Recruiting the best people relies on a range of elements such as job design and writing job descriptions, pay and benefits, employer brand and reputation, all of which are areas we can help

Do I need to write a job descriptions before recruitment?

It’s not mandatory but it sure does help! A well written JD not only describes the purpose of the role, it’s key duties and responsibilities, but also the key attributes of the ideal candidate. This will help candidates decide whether to apply and gives you a benchmark against which to assess applicants

What’s the best way to select the right candidate?

A process that allows you to consider information from a range of sources (e.g. CV, references, interview, tests etc.) will inevitably produce more robust results than, for example, a quick chat over the phone. Selection must always be based on fair and objective criteria.

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