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HR Software for SMEs

The right tools to support your business growth

As your business grows, it’s essential to keep up-to-date with all elements of HR. This is the time to consider investing in specifically designed HR software for SMEs.

We have a wide variety of experience in a range of different HR systems plus HR software for SMEs 

Imagine a world where you could: 

Centralise Records

One central location for all HR information with employee self-service to keep everything up to date.

Organise Documents

Keep all employee documents safe and publish policies & templates online.

Book Holidays

Manage holiday booking and absence allowances with a simple online approval process.

Manage Sickness

Take control of sickness – every absence is logged, approved and analysed in your HR system.

Improve Performance

Standardise the way you manage performance and keep track of objectives.

Tasks Reminders

Manage day-to-day employee tasks with email reminders and onscreen notifications.

Streamline Reporting

Keep track of what’s happening. A library of reports and data exports make Management & HR reporting a breeze.


Manage Employee expense claims. Employee completes a claim for managers to approve.


Streamline your favourite systems with your HR system to save even more time.

What People Want To Know

What employee related records do I have to keep?

Law requires all businesses to keep HR records related to their employees. This includes details of working hours, pay rates and payroll, absences, amount of statutory sick pay that has been paid, and accidents / injuries in the workplace.

Where should these records be kept?

The law doesn’t dictate how you must keep these records, so it’s up to you to ensure your records are well organised. This may be in a paper file, electronically on a local drive or online in an HR system.

How long do I have to keep these records for?

Under GDPR, you can be penalised for holding personal information longer than it’s got a business use. There are statutory retention periods for a number of record types. HR document retention periods differ for the different records you will be keeping – see the CIPD Keeping Records factsheet for more. 

What is HR software, and why is it important?

HR Software allow a business to effectiveley process employee information and store it in a secure enviroment. It also allows a range of additional functionality such as reminding and prompting tasks and actions to be completed along side wider and more rich reporting.

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