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Henry Schein Case Study

Pensions Auto Enrolment 

We provide an exclusive Pensions Auto Enrolment solution for over 20,000 Henry Schein dental practice clients. Furthermore, we provide them with the knowledge to understand pensions auto enrolment and the know-how to implement it into their practices.

What the Client Said: “The support we have received has been invaluable, and I would not hesitate to recommend Petaurum solutions services. Mark was friendly and helpful even coming into the Practice to explain and demonstrate how the process should be done. They guided us through the process of auto enrolment. Providing the staging dates, issuing the relevant templates to submit the information to the pension company. Informing us of when we were due to complete our declaration of compliance and giving the relevant information to make this an easy task. Also keeping us up to date with any Automatic Enrolment Pension increases coming into effect.”


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