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Business don’t stand still…

Successful businesses are agile and responsive to change and opportunities so they remain in the best shape to achieve their goals. 

We work alongside our clients not only to forecast these changes but also to help them plan and implement the associated restructuring that is often required.  

Restructuring isn’t just about a new organisation chart, it reaches into the very heart of the organisation and so it’s essential to take your people with you, not just ‘do it to them’. 

The reasons why the restructuring is necessary is always the most critical element to understand and communicate. Once people understand ‘why’, ‘what’ is going to change and ‘how’ that’s going to happen are usually a lot easier to deal with. 

This will require a clear plan, possibly changes to job roles and job descriptions and lots of dialogue with you team. 

We’ll identify the risks and ensure you meet all your legal obligations. Most importantly, we’ll do this with you, not to you, as it’s essential to minimise the disruption to your business. 

What People Want To Know

Why would I need to restructure?

There could be any number of reasons that would require you to restructure your workforce including growth, diversification, contraction, change of geographic locations, driving efficiency and boosting productivity

What are the key things to consider?

Key factors will include setting clear objectives, considering your options, focus on communication, think about potential resistence or objections, what support will people need, what process and timescale will you follow, identify the risks

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