What makes a great boss?

This list of things managers can do to make employees happy, culled from a recent survey of office workers, suggest would-be leaders would do well to focus on the freebies rather than the theory.

The top ten bad things managers can do to make employees happy were

  1. Extra holiday on birthday
  2. Leaving early on a Friday
  3. Free gym membership
  4. Office sweets
  5. Free vending machines
  6. Team spa days
  7. Extra training courses
  8. Vouchers on birthdays
  9. More time off at Christmas
  10. Paid-for team lunches

Petaurum Solutions Comment

As is so often the case in life, it’s the simple things that work best!  Our top tip (on the theme of keeping things simple) is not to assume what will make your employees happy – ask them!!  Depending on the size of your organisation, this may be through individual conversations, via a Focus Group or through a Staff Survey – but find out what will work and then implement.  This will help employee engagement enormously as staff will feel that they have been listened to and they will be getting something they value!

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