TPR Re-enrolment guidance for employers

TPR have just launched their new online content giving guidance to larger employers on their re-enrolment duties.

An introductory page provides an initial overview of the steps, along with timings of when employers should aim to complete these steps. The overview page also includes ‘The essential guide to re-enrolment and re-declaration’, which is available to download and provides employers with a cut down version of the online content if they require a quick reference guide.

The content is composed of 4 main steps:

  1. Choose your re-enrolment date
  2. Assess your staff
  3. Write to staff that you have re-enrolled
  4. Complete your re-declaration of compliance

They are also actively encouraging employers to keep them up to date with their contact details.

The new pages can be found on this link:

 Petaurum Solutions’ Comment

The TPR website is a fantastic resource, with lots of useful information, guidance and support. Whilst many SMEs are approaching their Staging Date, the largest employers are already coming up to re-enrolment, providing them with an opportunity to review their approach and strategic objectives insofar as auto enrolment is concerned.


In addition to our fixed price Auto Enrolment solutions for SMEs, we have also managed implementations for very large businesses so have capability and expertise at both ends of the spectrum. Need help with your re-enrolment? Contact us for a discussion.

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