In today’s modern and competitive business landscape, attracting and retaining top talent is a crucial element of organisational success.

While technical skills and experience are undoubtedly essential, a company’s values play a pivotal role in shaping its culture and long-term sustainability. 

In this article, we explore how a company can recruit based on its values, emphasising the importance of aligning the recruitment process with its purpose, vision and mission.

Defining the Foundation: Purpose, Vision and Mission

Before embarking on the recruitment journey, a company must clearly define its purpose, vision and mission. 

The purpose articulates why the organisation exists, the vision outlines its future aspirations and the mission delineates the steps it will take to achieve those aspirations. These elements serve as the compass guiding both current employees and prospective candidates toward a shared goal. 

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Our blog article on The Value in Values: Revisited provides more detail and describes how values should derive from the company’s purpose, vision and mission; together forming the “golden thread” of ‘how we do things around here’.

The Attraction Phase

The recruitment process begins with attracting potential candidates who resonate with the company’s values. 

Job descriptions, career pages and marketing materials should not only focus on the technical requirements of the roles but also articulate the company’s values and how they align with the overall purpose, vision and mission. 

By transparently communicating these values, the company attracts candidates who share its beliefs and are likely to thrive within the organisational culture.

For instance, if a company values innovation and collaboration, the job descriptions could highlight projects that encourage creative problem-solving and teamwork. This not only sets the expectations for candidates but also acts as a filter, attracting those who genuinely align with the company’s values.

The Selection Process

During the selection process, it is essential to weave the company’s values into the evaluation criteria. 

Behavioural questions and situational assessments can be designed to assess candidates’ alignment with the organisation’s values. For instance, if one of the company’s values is integrity, interview questions might explore how candidates have demonstrated ethical decision-making in their previous roles.

Moreover, incorporating values into the assessment criteria ensures that hiring managers and interviewers are not solely focused on technical competencies but also evaluate candidates based on their cultural fit. 

This approach enhances the likelihood of selecting individuals who not only possess the necessary skills but are also aligned with the company’s core values.

Onboarding and Integration

The values-based approach should extend seamlessly into the onboarding process, providing new hires with a comprehensive understanding of the company’s culture and values. 

An effective onboarding programme immerses employees in the organisation’s purpose, vision and mission, fostering a sense of belonging and commitment from day one.

Assigning mentors or buddies who embody the company’s values can be particularly impactful during the onboarding phase. These mentors can guide new hires, helping them navigate the organisational culture and understand how their roles contribute to the overall mission.

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Continuous Reinforcement

Recruiting based on values is not a one-time effort; it requires ongoing commitment and reinforcement. 

Regularly revisiting and reinforcing the company’s values through internal communications, training sessions and recognition programmes helps embed them into the organisational DNA.

Leaders should exemplify the values in their actions and decisions, serving as role models for the entire team. Recognition and rewards should also be tied to the demonstration of these values, creating a positive feedback loop that reinforces the desired behaviours and attitudes.

Recruiting based on company values is a strategic approach that goes beyond merely filling vacant positions. It is about building a cohesive team that collectively contributes to the realisation of the organisation’s purpose, vision, and mission. 

By integrating values into every stage of the recruitment process, from attraction to onboarding and beyond, a company ensures that its culture remains vibrant and its employees are united by a shared commitment to common values. 

In doing so, the organisation not only attracts top talent but also cultivates a workplace where individuals thrive and contribute to the long-term success of the company.