There’s a large misconception that there aren’t transferable skills that can help military personnel when they leave the service. Finding a career can appear difficult to some considering the how many of your years are dedicated to the service. However, there are career paths that you can take that can help to utilise your skills as a military veteran, helping to smooth your transition from helmets and boots, to suit and tie. Here are ideal jobs that military veterans can target as potential career paths when they leave.


 Many members of the military will find this a smooth transition considering the options available for taking up military pilot roles in the service. Of course, flying fighter planes will be considerably different than flying to holiday destinations, but considering the family-friendly aspect that’s included makes it a rather attractive proposition to veterans that have families. There’s also the other difference of having a role completely revolved around flying compared to the military, where flying isn’t necessarily a priority depending on your rank. In order to qualify for the role, any military qualifications would need to be switched for an ATPL.

Intelligence Analyst

 Many roles in the military also require a technical aspect as well as a physical one. Sivving through information determining how reliable and significant it is crucial for gaining intel. The same skills can be used in the office too. Many private businesses and government agencies will be in demand for such skills. Here, you’ll able to analyse data and conduct competitor research. Government agencies, in particular, will be fond to recruit military veterans considering the security clearance.

Security Manager

 Security is a large priority for the majority, if not all industries. As a security manager, you’ll be supervising security personnel and implementing security standards for businesses. It’s important that you’re able to coordinate all the security activities which can secure the company’s assets, employees and guests.

Management Consultant

 Perhaps a surprising role on the list, military veterans can actually excel in the job role of consulting. As a consultant, you’ll be able to help clients from an organisational and leadership perspective. This can really help businesses in streamlining growing their business efficiently and effectively. It’s also an extremely well-paid job considering it’s an advice led role. A master’s degree is normally required in the field, however, management experience within the military should still be adequate.

Programme Manager Within Aerospace/Aviation

 This would be a project management role which would require plenty of leadership skills in order to manage the project. Your role will consist of supervising staff within their roles, developing timelines for the project and managing the budgets to make sure that the project can succeed. Any form of aerospace role would work well with the experience gained in the military and security clearance will be an added bonus with those looking to hire. As long as you have previous project management skills/qualifications this role should be able to get into.

Whilst there are some veterans who are forced to retire early due to exceptional circumstances such as suffering military brain injury or perhaps have lost a limb, others will continue their life into the civilian world after they leave the military. Valuing your worth and the skills you have is key to landing the right role for you and there are plenty available who will benefit from acquiring the skills of a military veteran that can easily be transferable.

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