So, you’ve got your basic foundations in place to start employing your team – THE team – the one that’s going to drive your business to the successful outcomes you’ve always dreamed of. 

You knew about the new legislation that was introduced on 6th April 2020 which meant you had to provide a written statement of employment particulars to your new colleagues on their first day. 

In fact, you went one step further; you’d seen the HR Assure package being promoted online. You were delighted to have found something designed, all for very reasonable fixed price, specifically for SMEs that gave you:

  • A standard offer letter and contract of employment
  • An employee handbook
  • A suite of essential policies and forms

What Next?

You’d recruited an amazing team.  They drove your business faster and stronger than you’d planned and soon you were ready to scale. A critical phase of your business growth that required every ounce of your focus and energy. And you needed more people too.

But as your team grew, so did the requirement to keep on top of your responsibilities as an employer.

In the early days, you thought nothing of doing everything – MD, Finance Manager, Sales Manager, Operations Manager, Health & Safety Manager, HR Manager.

No Time to Juggle Everything?

But now, you simply didn’t have the time without taking your eye off the most important priorities… Customers and Growth.  How could you get this time back and be assured that you’d still remain fully compliant with all your employer responsibilities?

Then you remembered about the online campaign that had drawn you to the HR Assure package and lo and behold, there was the answer! 

HR Maintain

Are you spending more and more time dealing with people issues that distract you from delivering great service, and hinder you developing and growing your business?

Yes, absolutely!  HR Maintain has been specifically tailored by Petaurum Solutions for small businesses to meet not only your current HR compliance needs but also support your ongoing and future HR requirements. 

With on-demand access to expert help and advice through a telephone helpline, direct to a team of HR professionals, this solution will save you time, cost and future frustration.

Why HR Maintain?

We can’t say HR Maintain is the best product in the world.  But it’s the best on-demand HR support package in our world.  If you need the comfort and assurance of knowing your HR support is in safe hands, get in touch today.

We’d love to hear your story!