The Dripping Tap – A Tale for the Small Business Owner is a blog we wrote recently for The Business Ninja.  The lessons of this tale remain as relevant today as they ever were. 

A growing or scale-up business will have people at the heart of its success.

It’s amazing to consider that a significant investment would, generally, never be made without a business case. This could be when investing in machine or new technology, for example. A clear return on investment and a utilisation plan to ensure the business benefits are realised would be in place.

So, why is it that many businesses don’t have a clear people plan?

Considering the investment we make in our people such as salary, pension, benefits and training. A clear plan would align people activities with business success. 

Business growth in a people plan

It’s not rocket science is it? 

At Petaurum HR, we’re experts in solving complex issues and communicating this to business owners and operators in simple terms.  A quick look at our case studies is testimony to this.

However, within your team you’re unlikely to have the level and depth of serious HR expertise that we have in our team. 

This is where our HR Develop package comes in.

Helping ambitious owner-managed businesses drive success through their people plan

HR Develop gives you access to HR Director capability and experience at an affordable rate. 

We’ll take the time to understand you and your business; it’s history, plans, culture and objectives.  Once we understand more about you, we will work with you to formulate a bespoke people plan.

This is then translated into a rolling 12-month programme of value-add activities. The aim of this is to help you drive business success through your people. 

The ‘human’ aspect of HR is too often missed; we’ll ensure your people are at the heart of your success.

We can’t say HR Develop is the best product in the world.  But it’s the best bespoke package in our world. 

If you need the comfort and assurance of knowing your HR support is in safe hands, get in touch today. We’d love to hear your story!