We are proud to announce that through our employee benefit system, Benefits Cloud, we have partnered with SimPal as our long-term charity partner.

SimPal provide free pre-paid SIM cards and mobile phones to those people living with cancer. Their aim is to help prevent loneliness, social isolation and to ease cancer poverty.

When we are sick, it is the time we need to be able communicate most. Yet often this comes with the worry about the cost.

For people living with cancer, mobile communication is a necessity not a luxury. It is vital to stay connected to healthcare professionals, family, friends and loved ones.

Through their work, SimPal are able to ensure nobody feels isolated in what is undoubtedly an extremely difficult time. A time where we need support more than ever.

At Benefits Cloud, our ethos is to bring people and communities together through communication. We extend that by offering benefits that may have been previously out of reach. This is why we’re proud to now be working with SimPal, a charity which echoes our beliefs.

Our partnership with SimPal means that, as a Benefits Cloud member, you benefit from great discounts whilst helping a worthwhile cause.

For more information about SimPal and how you can donate any old mobile phones, click here www.yoursimpal.com/