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HR Webinars

Our webinars are designed to help small businesses and larger organisations alike. We cover issues such as Brexit, the basics of HR in companies and also ongoing changes that can occur.  

It can be difficult to find HR information that is concise, correct and easy to understand. We want to help as many people as possible with the content we provide. 

With this in mind, if you have any topic suggestions you’d like answers to, then please let us know at info@petaurumhr.co.uk  

Top HR Tips Webinar for Autumn/Winter

Be proactive and think big picture

Do you know what you’re looking to achieve?
Are you thinking about tomorrow or just today?
Is your team set up for success?

Updating risk assessments / business continuity plan

Have you learned lessons from the last 18 months?
Have you answered all the What If questions?

Hybrid working

Flexibility for your workforce and how it fits in with your business
Do you provide flexibility for your workforce?
How does hybrid working meet the needs of your business?

Resource planning

Have you got the right people right place right time?

Recruitment and retention

Are you prepared for the great resignation? Over lockdown, people have reevaluated and thought more about what they want to do and if they’re happy. 69% of UK workers would happily change roles and 24% are actively planning to move.
Are your people happy?
How will you attract and retain great people into your business?

Training your managers – old world vs new world

Given that the world has changed, do managers have the skills to manage in 2021/22/modern world?
VUCA world – Change took 20 years to flow through in the old days, now change happens overnight. We live to a different pace that requires different set of skills from people who are leading others.

Reviewing contracts and policies

Are they up to date and what changes might need making?

Health, wellbeing and building resilience

Are you keeping your people safe?
Keeping people well helps them to deliver better performance


Have you got a clear purpose?
Do your employees have a voice?
Does your organisational purpose resonate with workforce?

Watch the Webinar Recap Here

HR for Small Businesses – Why Bother?

Our webinar addressed the ways in which you can reduce people problems within your business. As time goes by, your HR needs will grow, you may find yourself coming across difficult employment situations. By having a pragmatic process in place, you can easily avoid these issues and save yourself the headache in the long run.

We Learnt:

  • Why HR is needed in a small business and how it adds value
  • How your requirements as a small business will evolve as you grow and change
  • How looking after your team will result in better performance and productivity
  • New employment law coming into force in 2020

We Covered:

  • Dispelling some common myths
  • What does HR do?
  • The cost of DIY HR
  • The evolution of a business and it’s workforce
  • What’s new for 2020

Download the presentation handout here

Listen to the webinar audio here:

Brexit Through the HR Lens

Our first webinar looked at Brexit Through the HR Lens to address the timely issue that is our departure from the EU.

We Covered:

  • Changes that may be made on the employment of non-UK citizens
  • Possible changes to employment legislation
  • Top tips to help you become Brexit resilient
  • Your Questions and Answers

Our conversation has since continued over on to our social media platforms as we ask and answer any questions you might have on Brexit and HR.

Did you miss it?

If you missed it, click on the image below and you’ll be able to download the full and detailed handout from the webinar.

This includes facts, impacts, considerations and tips… worth a read! 

Not forgetting the audio, of course! Hear the soothing tones of Adam and Mark addressing the topic, and follow the handout as they go. Listen to the webinar audio here:

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