Engagement & Wellbeing

Hybrid Working will bring challenges so ensuring Remote Workers remain mentally and physically healthy and engaged with your organisation will be key to ensure success – with everyone having a role to play:

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The Role of the Leader

It’s important that leaders continue to communicate to their Remote Workers, keeping them updated on key information and messages through regular briefings and updates. Letting everyone know what’s being achieved will help Remote Workers stay connected with the organisation and it’s also vital to provide regular feedback, recognition and thanks. Remote Working will really test your organisation’s values and fundamental principles. Flexibility, openness and trust are critical for Remote Working to succeed.

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The Role of the Manager/Team leader

Managers should be proactive with deliberate, scheduled contact and regular one-to-ones to ensure their Remote Workers are supported and be a sounding board/friendly voice for them to air any concerns they have with their situation.

The Role of the Manager Video
Manager Catchup Checklist

Help look after your team whilst remote working – Some questions you may want to ask when making your catch-up calls.

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The Role of the Employee

The role of the Remote Worker is to deliver what’s expected of them, ensuring they update their manager regularly, balancing their work with home commitments to ensure a productive and healthy approach.

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The Role of Support Organisations

It is important to note that working remotely from colleagues may have a impact on your Remote Workers, as they may miss the social one on one interaction, perhaps at times even feeling isolated.  Therefore, ensuring that they are supported will be key to a sustained and productive arrangement. With many specialist organisations providing assistance and tools, making these available to your Remote Workers will help.  Ensure your Remote Workers still have a ‘voice’ in your organisation.  Regular mini ‘pulse surveys’ or temperature checks are a good way to give / receive feedback and monitor how people are feeling.

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Helpful Tips to Help with Remote Workers
How to Manage Yourself Whilst Remote Working

Being at home and out of the normal routine of work can be challenging and unfamiliar. For some useful tips on how to stay focussed and motivated whilst remote working.

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Top Tips for Working from Home

With many businesses now encouraging or even mandating that employees work from home, getting into work mode from a space that’s not your regular one can be a huge adjustment with challenges, here are some top Tips to help you adjust and balance work and working from home.

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A Guide to Serving Yourself Well While Working from Home
Creating the Conditions for Engagement

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