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Recruitment in Today’s World with Kim Farrell

by | Sep 28, 2021

We caught up with Kim Farrell, Director of Wavelength Recruitment to discuss recruitment, the challenges with the current market, advice on recruiting the right people, identifying the type of right talent, what else makes recruitment run smoothly, what to look out for and any pitfalls of recruitment, actionable tips for business performance and recruitment

0:20 – Info on Kim and Wavelength introduction
1:40 – How has Brexit, COVID furlough etc affected the recruitment market, what changes have come as a result
2:45 – Bigger issues around the recruitment market
4:15 – The growth talent dilemma
5.00 – Tips to make recruitment strategic
6.00 – The Telescope approach
7.35 – Not ‘doing what you’ve always done’
9.10 – What would success look like for this role and how do you measure it?
11:15 – What day to day activies does this person need to do to achieve the success?
12:07 – Skillsets and expectations
13:05 – Recommendations for management processes
15:14 – Putting the piranha in the tank: Making recruitment work for your business
21:28 – Experience not time served: Halos and horns23:30 – Tips on how to bring balance to each stage of recruitment
31:14 – Tips for a good interview process
36:10 – What does Kim think about interviewing via Zoom/dress sense/modern world/candidate interviewing/recruitment/virtual interviews
40:06 – The key is planning around recruitment needs, process and beyond
41:56 – No 1 tip to turn recruitment failure to success