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Behavioural Principles Chat with Matt Bullock

by | Sep 16, 2021

In the video Matt refers to Acorns’ visons and values poster – download it here to inspire your own Behavioural Principles in your workplace.

Adam catches up with Matt Bullock, Director of People and Culture for Acorns Children’s Hospice to delve into Behavioural Principles and how these tie into HR Strategy. In this video, they address:

0:26 – People Strategy or HR Strategy?
1:22 – Why a company needs a Strategy and Behavioural Principles
2:10 – What you would look to see in a Strategy
4.40 – How HR Strategy influences an organisation’s culture
5:47 – What are behaviours and why do employee behaviours impact a culture?
6:57 – The business benefits of getting the Strategy, behaviours & culture right
08:48 – The tangible commercial benefits of investing in Strategy
10.27 – What Matt is doing in their People Strategy (Grow Your Own)
11.05 – Values and Behaviours
14:27 – How to use these values and behaviours and bring them to life
16:48 – How HR Strategy, Behavioural Principles and Values all influence a recruitment process
17:28 – Actionable tips and hints when designing a People Strategy